Louis of Haang Upps, St_Basile le Grand, 2002


Modern Man Slavery
Insanity Is So Close
Hidden Side
Filled With Some Regrets
Half Alive
A Better Place
I Can't

Modern Man Slavery

Waking up, Pissing, Taking a shower
Dressing up, Eating, Working, Taking a dump
Eating the same thing everyday

Walking, Running, Driving, Waiting
Working, Stressing, Eating, Paying your bills
Fucking, Playing, Getting sick....

Bored of this race against time
Sick of this race

Don't let this weight affect your life
You can resist
Who said we should conform!
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Insanity Is So Close

Staring out of the window
I'm feeling weird
My ideas are boiling in my head
What if everything
Just fall aparts
Nothing make sense
Insanity is so close

I'm a slave to their prescriptions
They gave me an addiction
Suffering of loneliness
No one can do anything

I'm condemned to live
Alone with my illness
What if you lost control of your brain
Just like I did
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Hidden Side

She was so perfect and pretty in my eyes
Everything a guy could ask for

She seemed nice and well
But her mind was suffering

Refuses to see her love fade away
With time, afraid to start a new life
Just afraid of herself

I'm hoping that time will give her the strength
To forget him
Blinded by her heart
She created her own hell

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In this blind time when i was down and vulnerable
I was crushed by the weight of love
Her fingers squeezed my heart
Why shoud I be ashamed of what i really am?

Overheated, once i tried to fake
What difference did it make?

How far will I hurt myself
To have a taste of her breast
Will her tits bear my eyes
Is it worth it to reach tke sky?

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Filled With Some Regrets

So many little things I regret
Some stuffed inside my head
Drags down my innerself
Missing in action

Filled with some regrets

I can't take it anymore

Try this at home
Keep some notes in a book
Remember only you
Could get yourself hooked

There will never be a second chance
To not miss what you've already missed
No coming back, it let you fall better
Keep you from breaking your fist

A tiny little thought i regret
The same one filling my head
Dragging down my inner self
Still looking for actions

I'm keeping this shit in my mind, always

Just live in the present day
Don't stand in hell like me

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Half Alive

Too much time i've spent in wrong ways
Like a zombie with no place to hide
I awake to a new day with no more pride

I feel I cannot die until my mission
On earth is completed
A goal yet to be achieved

Don't want to be half alive
Never, Never again
Don't want to be half dead
With this nighmare in my head

So much time i've spent in wrong ways
I'm a zombie with no will to die
In the wake of a new day
I'll regain my pride

When life could not dig within me
Even sorrow betrays me
I go back for the essence of existence
Find music to lead me foward
In the light of joy and contentment

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A Better Place

Working fifty hours a week without even asking myself why?

I want to live in another place
Another town, Another country
A new way of live, new idealogies
A place where living means more than just working
A perfect sky, a new girlfriend
A place where bills are just a pieces of paper
Throw'em in the sky, wipe your ass with with'em
Anything to change these boring days

Can't you see
You're wasting your life away
We can't change it
Everyday we're dying slowly

A better place

Maybe someday they will leave us some spare time
We will have fun before it's too late

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There are so many names on their album cover
You can't event know who they are
They don't want people to notice their emptiness
They buy succes with their money

Go ahead and make some shit
People love it
Everybody is in it.
Why can't we
Gold chains and rings
People see they are cool

There are so many girls around them, it's like a dream
They just wish this big buzz never stop
They don't want people to notice their emptiness
They buy succes with their money

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All the good words said to you
About your goals in your life

Ambition often meets
Cruel actions and fake intentions
You have to do the best you can
To show what you're worth

In the way you do what's expected
And fit right into the mold
The paycheck grows
The perfect circle of your poor life
Depends on your priorities
There will always be someone
To remind you what you really are

Everyone got a passion
Rely on it to bring happiness again

Don't let the rain of blood
Stain your hope

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Living in your own world
Taking everybody's words for something
believing what your hear
Whithout having any clue what is true

In your mind the truth is so evident
Y'listen to your friend with absolute trust
But sometimes friends are wrong
And all these words could do so much damage

Trapped inside your head
Anger's beginning to rise
Try to let it out

Just come to me if you have something to say

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I Can't

If you'd asked me this question before
The answer may have been different
Now that times has past between us
I told you that i can't

I have tought of so many ways
To tell you this simple fact:
I'm leaving because i can't

It could have been great
It should have been very simple
I would take and not share
Do you understand why i can't

Some will do anything to
Some won't do anything for
Why i'm so concerned about it
I already know that i can't

Investment won't get you
Nearer to the beautiful harvest
Where your heart will lead you
To somewhere i can't go

I'm so sorry but i can't

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All songs © 2002 Big Llama Records